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Last Roar "Lion of France" from Japan

September 17, 2015

Last Roar "Lion of France" from Japan
Pack the car more special as a reward automotive principals often done near the end of production of a model. This time the way it is done by Peugeot's RCZ, a sports coupe only one in the world bearing the "Lion".

Since September 2014 and, on the statement of the CEO of PSA Peugeot-Citroen Carlos Tavares, indicating RCZ has no successor. That is, the model is still in circulation will be allowed to grow old and die, production expectations were discontinued in 2016 or 2017. RCZ marketed in 80 countries including Indonesia.

As quoted from Car Sensor, Thursday (09/17/2015), this ultimate edition called the RCZ R Final Version. The letter "R" on the back of a car that illustrates the configuration 2 + 2 offers terkencang power of previous models. Interestingly, the RCZ R Final Version is only marketed in Japan, is also limited in number, only 30 units.

The car worked by the division of Peugeot Sport, EP 6 engine equipped with a turbo 1.6 CDTR, generate power to 270 tk and torque of 330 Nm. This amount of power is referred to as the most powerful production model ever created company.

Now, the final version of the RCZ R is equipped Torsen LSD (limited-slip differential), curved roofing material as the hallmark substituted carbon fiber, and coupled amplifier braking system with 380 mm discs at the front.

Besides the engine, the Peugeot RCZ Sport also recondition suspension so that more racing character, the body is 10 mm from the previous crusts, and cut the weight up to 10 kg. Chosen rim size of 19 inches wrapped in high performance tires.

Inside the cabin, the design of the seat "bucket" Nappa leather and Alcantara in order to maintain a sense of luxury for consumers. Red stitching adds a touch of nuance sport.

Parties Peugeot Citroen Japon Company Limited has already stated that the RCZ R Final Version will sell this model in the marketing network throughout Japan. The price is 5.508 million yen (USD 658.6 million).

Wow, this old Peugeot Motor Disposable Cylinder Radial Engine 9!

September 17, 2015

Wow, this old Peugeot Motor Disposable Cylinder Radial Engine 9!
This is one of the old motor that draws attention in the paddock Goodwood Revival, United Kingdom which lasted a weekend yesterday (11-13/9). Peugeot P50t Boardtracker output label in 1930.

Tampangnya the hell is more like a bike, complete with pedal paddle. On both handlebars brake lever also exists, only the left side there is a lever the clutch too. But coba deh see Jenson Button stuck in machine! 9-cylinder radial aircraft engine like!

Based on the label in the engine, provided these runway-made kitchen Gnome Rhone &. This small step 4 engine has a capacity of 100 cc, meaning that each cylinder only 11.1 cc! And although small, ready-made mechanism of overhead valve pushrod, 2 system a.k.a. persilinder. A.k.a. businya and certainly very small. Complicated really definitely sekali TU ya!

Based on your description, use methanol fuel and total loss lubrication system. Power claimed 268 bhp/ton weighing only 26 kg.

For supplying, from u.s. connected chain of sharing his crutches to the 3 speed gearbox, then transmitted to the rear wheels as well as with the chain. Disposable gearshift lever placed on the left side of the tank.

Cool and definitely rare nih!


Czech Motogp Threatened To Cancel

June 24, 2015
2015 Czech Republic MotoGP threatened to cancel due to lack of funding. Organizers announced to suspend ticket sales are scheduled to take place on 14-16 August.
"As soon as possible, the Automotodrom Brno suspend ticket sales for 2015 Czech Republic Grand Prix, due to lack of funds to stage the event," the sounds of the statements in the official website of the circuit of Brno.
"The final Decision will be announced on 29 June. In case of cancellation of the event, all tickets already purchased will be returned. "
Organizers have already said that this year's race is in doubt can be held because it is not able to raise funds to finance the holding of
This problem occurs because there is no agreement to finance the title, whether the local government or party circuit.
For this race, the money must be paid to Dorna (rights holders of the MotoGP) only reached over 2 million euros or around Rp 30 billion.
Czech MotoGP is the most widely bring audience in 2014 IE as many as 240.695 people along a series of races. Thanks by

Selling 5.1 million units, VW Makes a new record

October 6, 2014
thanks Record sales of Volkswagen AG'S newly created throughout the year 2011. Germany's largest automobile manufacturer recorded a total of 5.1 million unit sales worldwide. This figure is up 13.1 percent compared to the year 2010.
Page in autonews com have a peek at this web-site the largest contribution to the writing, because of the increasing market for VW in China, America, Russia, and India. Each recorded sales of 1.72 million units. Sales in China rose by 13.8 percent, while 11.2 percent in Europe. This is also the first time China scored the same sales figures with Europe.
Meanwhile, the United States recorded a market rise 26.3 percent to 324,000 units. The slowest growth occurred in South America, who just recorded a 2.2 percent increase.
Interestingly, the numberless small Harga Honda Beat FI Banjarmasin Volkswagen markets, namely India and Russia, noted the dramatic increase. India's market climbed 151 percent to 76,100 units, while Russia went up 100 percent to 118,000 units.
VW's Marketing Director Christian Klinger warned though a strong increase by 2011 but Volkswagen could not fall asleep. "The market in the year 2012 will remain challenging," he said, as reported by the

3 Day M-Days Term, Mazda Noted SPK 1,249 Units

September 26, 2014
PT Mazda Motor Indonesia noted achievements in the titles of the M-Days, 4-6 November 2011. Only during the three days they managed to record the Vehicle Reservation Letter 1,249 (SPK). This figure is 150% higher than originally targeted.

M-Days is a three day promo activities that offers the hottest deals to its customers that make a purchase Mazda vehicles. Although the offer is valid at all authorized dealer of Mazda throughout Harga Yamaha Mio Fino di Manado Indonesia, but to further enliven the program M-Days, MMI also hosts four exhibitions in Grand Indonesia, Mal Kelapa Gading Serpong, Sumarecon, Mall and Plaza Ambarukmo (Yogyakarta).

Keizo Okue, President Director of PT Mazda Motor Indonesia, says the M-Days are different than others, which can bring us to reach the target as well as indulge the consumers that Harga Yamaha R25 di Manado dan di Semarang  have contributed in the growth of this year's MMI.

"The enthusiastic Response given is much bigger than what we expected. This is a very good reception indicate an increase in demand for Mazda vehicles, "he said.

These results complement the success of Mazda in October 2011. Last month, the MMI returns successfully the new record retail sales reached 985 units. The proceeds amounted to 985 units in October 2011 complete sales year-to-date record of 7,411 MMI unit.

"We are determined to close this year as well. MMI is targeting to record sales of 8,000 units in 2011 or increased 33% compared to sales last year reaching 6.038 units, "Okue said.

TVS Motor, with construction Tormax's best 2011

September 26, 2014
The surprise made 150 cc Tormax TVS. super Duck output TVS it awarded as "The Best Construction" at the Indonesian Government's award of The Year (IMOTY) 2011 by Indonesia's leading magazine, Motorev.

TVS Tormax is the Harga Kawasaki Bajaj Pulsar 200NS Sulawesi only duck super equipped (gas) canister horizontal monoshock suspension makes the comfort while driving and also comes with a double petal disc brakes 290 mm. With high stiffness chassis and lower vertical CG, TVS Tormax 150 cc has the best handling in its class.

Another technology embedded on this bike is the Turbotune Technology; Liquid cooled radiator delivers maximum performance using compact radiator for an effective cooling and valve 3-technology where Harga Yamaha New Vixion  Special Edition  there are 2 intake and outtake 1 in the engine to produce a superior power with optimum fuel use.

"Tormax 150 cc TVS with the technology innovation is noteworthy for two-wheel lovers Indonesia. Now increasingly confirmed as the super duck option for young children that is stylish, energetic and loves hi-tech, "said Pramod Kulkarni, Head of Engineering PT TVS Motor Company Indonesia.

TVS Tormax 150 cc dibanderol USD $ 14,950 million OTR Jakarta. For every purchase of TVS that Tormax guaranteed 5 years. For service, PT TVS Motor Company Indonesia has had a network of 3S (Sales, Service, taking care) at 160 showrooms across Indonesia.

Chrysler Indonesia Holds Charity Golf Tournament

September 26, 2014
Chrysler Indonesia is working with the Rotary Club Nusa Dua Bali is rolling out "The Biggest Charity Golf Tournament". In addition to providing Sahaa Jeep Wrangler 4-doors for hole in one prizes, this golf event Harga Kawasaki Ninja 250 Mono OTR Indonesia is also intended to raise funds for the humanitarian community in Bali.

Rieva Muchsin, Chief Marketing Officer of PT Garansindo Inter Global APM Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Mopar says the event is in line with CSR program that focuses on the Harga Kawasaki Z1000 Second 2014 health and welfare of society and the environment.

"This time the golf Event is different, because there are elements of partial humanitarian Charity Fund. Selected Bali, because this event invites golfers archipelago and abroad. So arguably this multi-international event, "said Rieva in description press.

Rotary Club Nusa Dua Bali is itself a social organization that often convene diverse services to public health such as cleft lip surgery, monitoring the health of people with HIV/AIDS, to Bali Clean & Green.

"In addition to giving gifts, Chrysler Indonesia also accounted for Rp 50 million which we will use to humanitarian programmes such as the provision of clean water, sanitation and cleft lip surgeries the Balinese people," said Bruce w. Jellard, Chairman of the Charity Golf Tournament.

A fierce fight the Yamaha Cup Race 3 series at Sentul

August 28, 2014
A fierce fight the Yamaha Cup Race 3 series at Sentul
Yamaha Cup title Race entering the third series Harga Kawasaki Z800 Rizoma  held at the Sentul circuit, Karing, 7 and 8 June yesterday. At least about 100 starters who take part and divided into 8 classes.

Although the weather was quite hot on the other, it does not make the spirit of the racers in this advancing. So was the audience that crowded the stands in attendance seemed circuit karting this Progression.
"Entering this third series, we want to continue to carry its rider-rider became the racers understand very well how the maneuver correctly. Not just the racing course, we want to Harga Yamaha R1 dan R6  educate both the drivers, mechanics and even the spectators about motor racing it, "explains Motosport Yamaha Manager Supriyanto, Indonesia.
Not a few accidents incidence coloring this underbone racing. A new race in the incident have started involving three racers. It continues a few competing classes, where the incident took place in several sharp turns.

Kawasaki Motor Indonesia-Made Will Be Exported

August 26, 2014
PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia (KMI) was apparently not only introduce their new factory. From this second plant is also planning to export the motor, after previously Harga Motor Honda Revo FI 2014  producing and marketing it in Indonesia.
"New from the factory, in addition to promoting the domestic market, we are also planning to export the products to regional export markets," said President Director of PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia Yoshihiro Tanigawa.
Ninja RR Mono is one of the models to be built in Harga Honda Spacy Baru  a new factory Kawasaki in Cikarang. There are three other models which are the trail and will also be assembled at the factory, located in an industrial area, namely MM2100 KLX 150S, KLX150L, and D-Tracker150.

Kawasaki did not then mention whether all four of these models at once will be part of the export plan
The factory owns the welding, painting, plastic and metal parts and chassis, engine Assembly, machining and testing facilities.

Wow, Yamaha R1 Turbo Streetfighter Translucent 250 HP!

August 26, 2014
Builder of motor sport in Australia-Aboriginal Affairs named Extreme Creations (EC) notes the achievements in the work world world moge modification. Naming the project Big Bang R1 Harga Honda Megapro FI Second  Yamaha YZF make Turbo-R1 this 2009 alerts installed turbo kit-powered over 250 hp.
As reported by the media in the local automotive online (rapidbikes-Australia). R1 with extreme modification berturbo became the first motor ' built ' in the world. The figure of the motor sport full-fairing which standards the manufacturer only armed with hp, now the labor 179,6 surged to 251,2 hp. 
A fantastic result for the EC makes repeated Harga Honda City Sport 1 OTR Jakarta billet plenum which serves as the intercooler. It also menyasar the secondary injectors and fuel rail and re-mengkustom the ECU. The next step-the most important-i.e. pair turbo kits are integrated directly in sector 4-exhaust pipe (exhaust vent) 4-cylinder engine this R1.
To install this kit turbo-EC use part manufacturers like
Tial stainless exhaust housing to turbo lighter brand
Garrett GT2871
Turbosmart Compgate wastegate 40. Installation of this kit turbo acclaimed EC requires precision, thoroughness and enough time to drain the mind.
don't just focus on the sectors of engine performance, the whole shirt or robe R1 were stripped by the EC to get the concept of a figure of sport-naked bike with garang's character typical of the streetfighter. Headlamp mencomot part of the Yamaha FZ1, Ohlins suspension, wheels from Carrozzeria, tuner AFR, K&N filter, aluminum swingarm from the bars intact (CNC machined) as well as custom as well as part of a triple clamp silincer/muffler brand of Akaprovic.

Young Machine Intimated There Kawasaki Ninja 250cc 4-cylinder Latest!

August 26, 2014
Again and again became the first automotive media suggests the existence Harga New Honda Blade 125  of a sinyalemen new product launch, Young Machine magazine, based in the heart of the birth of the motor manufacturer and car prices in Japan suggests the existence of the Kawasaki Ninja 250 bersilinder 4.

Unknown-engined motorcycle 250cc, 4-cylinder, the latter is called with the name of the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R. It strongly supported the Harga Honda CB150R di Semarang  rumor that got heated up in the ground Water lately.
Most likely the attempt to revive the Kawasaki sportbike 250cc, 4-cylinder is to strengthen its existence as a trendsetter in the sportbike world all lines.

Old memories be ' his son ' – Ninja ZX-2R or ZXR250 or ZX-RR was first born in 1988 until final production in 2004 (in Malaysia), appears to be a surefire strategy sportbike world manufacturers.

What about the development of the next news? Calm brosis, otosia will be faithfully preached the recent developments about the figure of Ninja 250cc, 4-cylinder is. Look forward to the next news!

The export share of LCGC Plus up to 30 Percent

August 22, 2014
Industry Minister Mohamad Suleman Hidayat targeting export value the cheap car and environmentally friendly (low-cost green car/LCGC) could Harga Yamaha Scorpio Z 2006  reach 30 percent of total production during the next five years.

This Target up double digits that proclaimed at this time (16 percent).  "I've asked all manufacturers increase their export," he said after inaugurating the LCGC's Harga Yamaha Jupiter Z1 Street  Prime export Daihatsu Assembly Plant, Karawang, West Java, Wednesday, February 3, 2014.

Hidayat said, after PT Astra Daihatsu Motor to export the LCGC Agya and Ayla to the Philippines, there are four other countries in Asia will be the next export destination, Malaysia, among others.
The producers, he said, is currently exploring potential export to Africa and South America. In the next five years, Hidayat hopes all variants of LCGC uses 100 percent of the domestic production of components. "Since we already have the technology."

President Director of PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM), Sudirman m. Rusdi, said the company will start exporting cheap car model LCGC Prime (low-cost green car) based Agya to the Philippines. "We are targeting 6,000 units will be exported this year," he said.
The factory produces Daihatsu car "twin" Daihatsu and Toyota Ayla Agya, who was a cheap car ex. Astra group. PT Toyota Astra Motor, the Toyota brands occupants agent in Indonesia, is also a subsidiary of Astra. (See also: Toyota and Suzuki Promptly Susul cheap car Export).

BIC A Bandung Sea Of Blazer

August 22, 2014
Community car penggemer Chevrolet Blazer held events on Earth Blazer Bandung sea of Parahyangan, Bandung, Sunday, June 1, 2014. The get-together was followed Harga Yamaha Force Elegan  Indonesia Blazer Club members (BIC) from Java to West Nusa Tenggara.

In the release, BIC said participants Harga Yamaha Vega RR dan Force reached 520 vehicles. In addition to the user Blazer, this event also diramaikan fan community, such as the Chevrolet Aveo Club Indonesia Indonesia, Spin, Chevy Zafira Club Indonesia, and Captiva Chevy Club.
This activity is also deploying basar spare parts with special discounts, radio communication, auction sales of accessories, as well as the diramaikan with a variety of culinary specialties West Java. The show ends with the typical activities of BIC that is rolling Thunder into the new city of Parahyangan or convoy along surround around the region.

Rev Station, Impressions Of Innovation Power Yamaha

August 17, 2014
In conjunction with educational instructors and 100 test ride Yamaha R25, Yamaha Indonesia introduces video footage depicting the super advanced lab that gave birth to Harga Yamaha R6 di Indonesia 2012 the cutting-edge tech motor. The laboratory is named after Rev Station, developed by men of genius and talent gave birth to the motor according to the needs of consumers in every era.

This fictional story featuring a cast of Trika (PR Manager), Nick (Engineer), Skape (Product Designer),
Dr. Troy (Chief Engineer) and RT (Test Rider) is a five-person Harga Yamaha Xeon RC Moto Gp  pentolan Rev Station which became the main character in the video Station known as Rev Rev Crew. They are the backbone of Yamaha to be the forefront of creating a motor-bike special. The full story about Rev Station can be found at and there is also the video.

The impressions behind 21st century where the State of the planet Earth is increasingly alarming. Man threatened with extinction and the decimated. At the time of this critical research team Yamaha managed to find the way out, ' Rev '. Exceptional energy can be generated from the level of human emotions
The only way to save the future is by utilizing a revolutionary breakthrough, Rev between human and machine reactions. Yamaha invested the most innovative technology as well as the most talented team members to produce a new resource i.e. Rev Station-' Revs your Heart '. Revs Your Heart are Brand new Slogan Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., which was formally introduced in March 2013 and then.

"Brand Slogan is used worldwide for communicating goals along with Yamaha global, both internally and externally. This is certainly the Slogan for Indonesia as well, "said Eko Prabowo, GM Marketing Communication & Community Development Yamaha Indonesia.
"Our Station Rev Videos make evocative community and consumers loyal Yamaha has an emotional attachment with Yamaha and its products. Because of the emotional relationship, a relationship to be strong and continue to last a long time. We also want to show a picture of how the product is produced from the Yamaha guys are intelligent, talented, understand consumer needs, innovative and modern, "explained Eko Prabowo.

Yamaha Consumer Preparing Wealthy Surprise

August 17, 2014
Celebrating her 40th year in Indonesia, Harga Kawasaki Z250 Indonesia 2014 PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) spreading gifts of billions of rupiah for buyers motor Yamaha. Program grand prize billionaires prize is valid for the purchase of all types Yamaha, accounting unit from June 1 July 31, 2014.

Other terms, they are eligible for the prize of billions is the Yamaha consumer who bought in cash or loans with a down payment of more than $ 3 million.

"This is a form of our high appreciation to the consumers who have been faithfully using Yamaha products. And we want to share the happiness in this decade has been the age of 4 is present and serve Harga Honda CBR 150R New  the community and Indonesia growing automotive companies as one of the beloved community, "said Eko Prabowo, GM Marketing Communication & Community Development Yamaha Indonesia.

Yamaha only give Rp 1 billion Prize for one winner, and Rp 100 million to 40 people are lucky. In addition there is a prize for ' Umrah 40 winners and Rp 400.000 gifts directly at Yamaha dealer worth billions of rupiah. Terakir can be either a cash prize or cabutan in dealer invoice submission compliance period June – July 2014.
Before Billionaire Yamaha ever done 4 times for the purchase of Yamaha Mio and all units. Now we hold longer in order 40 years Yamaha which crashed on July 7, 2014, "said Eko.

How to join the program is very easy. Consumers access the link, then type the number of columns in the motor frame are available (order number = number lottery) and enable the sweepstakes at 3 x 24 hours after unit is received. The name will appear as a sign consumers have actively participated in the raffle.
The draw will be made in August 2014 before a notary and Social Department. When Lottery consumers will call immediately. If the number is incorrect or could not be reached, it will immediately fall and look for the next winner. Consumer winner already noted notary and Depsos cannot be replaced.

The names of the winners will be announced on the website and print media. List of winners is made obligatory announcements and posters were installed across the network official Yamaha dealer and repair shop

Yamaha R6 Crumbled after the ' Nyungsep ' in the space under the car!

August 17, 2014
Not only broken, but motornya the biker was almost joined the wound because it goes into the space under the Honda Civic. But fortunately, the R6 riders not to wound at all. Events that threaten the safety of the biker Harga Kawasaki ER6N 2012  Yamaha YZF-R6 is a concern in Mulholland Drive, Los Angeles. While sharp turns to the right, this loss of control biker until he was knocked down.
Nahasnya, when a motorcycle with her body slide, there is a middle of the Harga Kawasaki Versys  650 ABS   Honda Civic sedan pulled over and instantly get the lacing. Although the fair is hard, but fortunately the biker not get hurt It's just that motor sport super cool worn of course broken.

To understand the character of the Motor, 100 Instructor Test Ride Yamaha R25

August 17, 2014
Continue the successful debut of Prime YZF-R25, Yamaha Indonesia conduct a variety of activities that support consumer satisfaction that this proposal-capacity 250cc motorcycle. One attempt is educating 100 instructor Sales, Service, spare parts of se-Indonesia through a test ride in Harga Kawasaki Ninja 250 FI SE 2014    the R25-YZF Sentul circuit, Tuesday (10/6) Test ride Yamaha instructors are expected to able to understand and master the correct about technical R25, including its own character this bike feel  Fastest (fastest), Superior engines, Lightest (sporty handling), Advanced (advanced technology), is an excess of R25 mandatory understood the instructor.
In education the R25 has been described as a Superbike you can ride everyday, Revs your ego, Revs the engine Roars, Hear it, Feel the power. ' M1 ' this Baby must be mastered in order for knowledge Harga Honda Scoopy FI Surabaya  instructors are full making it clearly and accurately describe the character and an excess of R25 to consumers, "said Eko Prabowo, GM Marketing Communication and Community Development Yamaha Indonesia.
"The importance of the introduction and in-depth knowledge about mandatory R25 owned instructor Sales, Service, spare parts Yamaha. Not just theory, but they must feel and understand how driving R25, "he added.

So, go Eco, from their knowledge that will be shared to the consumer internet literacy R25 and also understand the technical stuff related to the motor. "So, to be able to explain and answer questions consumers with better," he said.
In addition to the iu, Yamaha Indonesia provides an opportunity to try out the media for immediate crew ability R25 at Sentul circuit.